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Yemeni Ka'ak

Yemeni Ka'ak are enjoyed all year round, but they are even more special during Eid. These simple biscuits or cookies are always served with tea and come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are decorated with braids around the perimeter, some are cut out like tea biscuits, and others are stuffed with dates (my favorite).

I personally love these right out of the oven. You can't beat freshly baked ka'ak. Other loves these at room temperature with a hot glass of tea with mint leaves.

For the dateless variation, I personally love slathering on some jam - this is not traditional, but oh so delicious.


1 cup plain whole fat yogurt كباية لبن زبادي كامل الدسم

1/2 cup vegetable oil نص كباية زيت نباتي

1 whole egg بيضة

1 tbsp white vinegar خل أبيض

3 tbsp baking powder ثلاثة ملاعق ك بيكنق بودر

3 cups all purpose flour (and extra for kneading later on) ثلاثة كبايات دقيق أبيض

Pinch of salt شوية ملح

Toppings and Fillings:

2 egg yolks & 1 tbsp of milk to create the egg wash بيض مع حليب للدهن

2 - 4 tbsp Black Nigella seeds حبة البركة

Date paste or pitted dates تمر


  1. Mix all wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately.

  2. Combine the two preferably in a stand mixer with the dough paddle or mix by hand then knead on a floured surface until dough is smooth. The dough will feel slightly oily but you can add a little bit more flour later one when it is rolled out.

  3. Wrap the dough in plastic. Allow the dough to rest 30 minutes to an hour.

  4. Use a rolling pin to roll out the dough on a generously floured surface. About ¾-1 inch.

  5. Use a round cookie cutter to cut out 3 inch circles. Use the flat side of your fingers to slightly flatted the dough.

  6. Fill each dough round with date paste, fold in half, then seal the edges with a braid as shown in the video. If the braid is too difficult, just seal by pinching the edges firmly.

  7. Arrange on a sheet pan with parchment paper and brush on the yolk milk mixture.

  8. Top off with black nigella seeds

  9. Bake at preheated 350 F oven until golden brown on the bottom and top.

Traditional Yemeni Braiding:

Braid one side only if you are stuffing them with dates. I like to use date paste or half of a seeded date.

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