Potato Gratin

This creamy potato bake is perfect for colder weather. It goes perfectly with roasts, chicken, braised meats, and even turkey! Although the steps to making this gratin are very simple, it involves a lot of patience. This dish bakes to at least an hour, and needs to rest 30-45 minutes before consumption. This actually makes this dish perfect for dinner parties since it has a resting time.

Since the sauce is milk based as opposed to just heavy cream, it will seem like it is overly liquidy - but don't worry, those potatoes will soak it all up throughout the cooking process and cooling period. The thickness of your potato slices and how many layers of potatoes you use will also impact the cooking time. You will need to check on it and use a fork or sharp knife to judge whether or not it is ready.

I typically like using russet potatoes but golden potatoes work just fine. For a richer consistency, you can swap a portion of the milk with heavy cream or half and half.